A Quick Guide On How To Make Fire Starters

14 Sep

Fire starters are a great way of starting a fire when one is out there in the wilderness hunting or camping. It will help one to keep warm and get to make some food while out in the cold. The following tips will help you get you fire started while you are in situations where getting fire may be challenging. When starting a fire, it is commendable to use a container that will burn together with some tinder and some wax that has melted. Containers that you can use to get your fire going are such as egg cartons, paper cups, condiment cups among others. You can use different types of tinder such as charcoal briquettes, pine needles, sawdust and dryer lint. The tinder nest can also be made from chips of wood and shavings. All these can be purchased at a local store near you.

Once you have your tinder ready, the next step is to put it in a container and pour the melted mixer into of wax into the container. Once the mixture has completely cooled off, it can be sealed and stored. When you want to use the tinder, you can just place it in the fire pit and light the container. In the mixture, you can also include a cotton string that will work like a wink of candle that you can light, and this will get your fire going easily, start fire with vaseline cotton balls here!

To prevent the wax from bursting into flames, one can use a double boiler when melting the wax. One should be very careful with hot melted wax so that they may not burn. The melted wax can also be poured over pine cones and used as a fire starter. You can also use the left over candles and melt it to get fire-starters that you can store to use when the need arises. One can make use of petroleum jelly to create fire starters. The use of petroleum jelly goes hand in hand with cotton balls. You can roll cotton balls in the petroleum jelly and cover the balls completely with the jelly. Then the balls can be stored in a zip-lock bag, and when you want to use, you take one ball stretch it and light, click here to watch video!

This will light fire immediately. You can carry this to act as tinder nest when going out for camping or in places where you may need some fire. You can also soak wood slivers on the petroleum jelly and use it to light fire or store it as a fire starter. To gain more knowledge on how to start survival fire, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/01/the-ultimate-plane-surviv_n_1641790.html.

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